Reasons for Hair loss

Reasons for Hair loss

Hair loss & hair loss treatment Sydney

Baldness combined with thinning hair can be a traumatic experience for most people. When one has to say whether someone is beautiful or not, they have to judge it by looking at their hair. Hair loss (Alopecia) is a condition that that can is a major stumbling block that bar most people from attaining their beauty goals. It is prevalent in men but has extended to women as well. However, most people do not know that even the most severe cases of hair loss can be prevented and reversed. Hair loss can be attributed to simple reasons such deficiency of vitamins to complex ones such as underlying health conditions.

Among the top reasons for hair loss in both men and women are;

Hormonal changes

Hormonal change is the leading cause of hair loss in men and women. When there is excessive production of dihydrotestosterone or DHT hormone in the body, it gets into the bloodstream then penetrates into the hair follicles. It then adheres to the hair strands and follicles and  then diminishes or stops hair growth and production. It makes the hair strands thin every time it grows, regrows or falls out. Hormonal change coupled with a poor diet can cause a dramatic hair loss.

Hair loss due to medication

Radiation or medication is another potential cause of baldness. Chemotherapy can be very dangerous and can damage hair follicles causing them to shed significant amounts of hair. Research has shown that certain medications used to treat high blood pressure, arthritis, anti-depressants and gout drugs can cause severe baldness.

Hair loss during pregnancy

Telogen effluvium is a condition that refers to an excessive loss of hair during pregnancy. Approximately 90% of human hair grows at any time, but 10% enters a resting phase. Telogen effluvium affects about 40-50% of women during pregnancy. It typically occurs 1-5 months after pregnancy. Pregnancy-related hair loss occurs after childbirth. During pregnancy, a significant amount of hair goes into the resting phase. However, the condition is not permanent and can diminish four months after delivery.

Physical stress

Any form of physical trauma resulting from surgery, severe illness or accident can trigger hair loss. When one is physically stressed, their hair growth cycle is shocked pushing more hair into the resting and shedding phase. If one is incapable of controlling physical stress, it can impact negatively on their hair growth leading to hair loss.

Reasons for Hair loss


Studies have shown that women who are over 40 years have higher concentrations of estradiol, a form of estrogen. In men, the same hormone has been found to activate similar effects to those of androgen DHT. Estradiol is produced by a process called aromatization after an enzyme called aromatase. The hormone exerts an adverse effect on hair growth in men and women aged over 40. Male pattern baldness is another age-related cause of hair loss. At the age of 60, a combo of male sex hormones and genes cause hair to recede leaving a bald head.


Androgenic or androgenetic which is commonly referred to female-pattern hair loss is similar to male pattern baldness. When a woman loses or experienced noticeably thinning hair at a certain age, the loss may be caused by genetic reasons. However, the condition can be treated.

Hair Treatment in Sydney, Australia

Whatever the cause, hair loss can be treated. In fact, finding the solutions to hair loss can be pretty simple than finding the cause. Hair transplant in Sydney, Australia offers effective hair loss treatment options for individuals in all stages of hair loss including those in severe stages. They have several hair loss treatment options including combination therapy that enable natural hair to regrow. It means even if one had used other hair loss treatment techniques with limited success, the method could still help.

Hair loss clinic sydney

Why hair loss transplant Sydney?

• They have specialists with years of experience in diagnosis and treatment of hair loss. Specialists have a genuine passion for hair restoration and regrowth.

• They are at the forefront of hair loss research and development. It means individuals enjoy access to the latest hair loss treatment techniques.

• They offer the most affordable hair loss treatment solutions. Individuals can access affordable solution allowing them to maximise their hair growth.

• Customised hair health check. It helps to prevent and curb severe effects of hair loss.


Hair loss is a disaster that can take a toll on one’s beauty goals. There are several causes of hair loss. The best hair loss treatment starts from addressing and mitigating the cause. Hair loss treatment solutions in Sydney, Australia are proven to restore natural health growth. Schedule for a hair loss evaluation today.

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