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Hair loss is a quite common in Sydney. So common is the phenomenon that it is not uncommon to find bald people who are still in their thirties. While many of these might be comfortable with their hair loss, there’s a growing number that feel it affects their confidence and opt to seek hair treatment Sydney, so as to reverse the hair loss and get back their hair.

As a matter of fact, there are quite a number of hair treatment Sydney clinics where those affected can seek solutions from knowledgeable practitioners. The solutions range from PRP for hair loss, hair transplant Sydney and hair replacement Sydney.

So what exactly is hair loss and what are the risk factors?

· It’s a common condition that many people will face at one point of their lives

· It mostly starts occurring in your 30s or 40s

· It can be caused by illness, protein deprivation (especially when one is on a strict diet), puberty, menopause and pregnancy.

· It isn’t caused by poor diet

Hair Treatment in sydney

· It can be caused by Thyroid disease and Iron Deficiency Anaemia

Once you visit the clinics specializing in hair treatment Sydney, the first thing that should be determined is a correct diagnosis in order to determine the right hair treatment to be given to you.

And while the microscope is rated by many as the best way of determining where the problem lies, hair loss related to the hair cycle can sometimes be wrongly interpreted. It is therefore important that the hair treatment clinic check for the following:

· The patient’s hair density

· The health and hair history

· The type of the genetic strand hair type

· The condition of the patient’s scalp

· The absence or presence of thinning pattern

Some of the hair treatment available in the various clinics specializing in hair treatment Sydney include PRP for hair loss, Hair transplant Sydney and Hair replacement Sydney.

PRP for Hair Loss

· This is a treatment that involves a simple non-surgical procedure that involves the withdrawal of the patient’s blood. It is the processed and injected into the scalp.

Hair Treatment sydney

· The natural and essential proteins in PRP ensures the restoration of hair either lost through thinning or hair loss.

· It is suitable for both men and women. However, patients that have a history of drug &alcohol use and heavy smoking or medical diagnosis including thrombocytopenias, chronic liver disease, cancer amongst others, are advised against undergoing the procedure.

· Advantages of PRP include very quick recovery period, safe and natural looking results.

Hair Transplant Sydney

· This hair treatment involves hair replacement Sydney by moving the hair you already have to a different area that has no hair or where hair is seen to be thinning.

· This procedure has been practiced since the 1950s and has had techniques changing since then.

· There are two methods that a medical practitioner can choose from; The Follicular Unit Extraction or the Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS).

· Most people experience 60% new hair growth after 6 to 9 months.

· The cost of this procedure is largely dependent on the amount of hair being moved.

So if you fall under the growing percentage of people in Sydney NSW, Australia that are going through hair loss, and feel they need to do something about it, you are now aware of the hair treatment options.



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