Hair Transplant Sydney


A receding hairline or simply hair loss can take a toll on one’s self-confidence thus, impacting negatively on their social life. In hair loss, the earlier it affects an individual, the severe it can be. This is why the issue is becoming a matter of concern to most people. But no worries we are the specialist in hair transplant Sydney.  Not only on your head, we also excel in eyebrow & beard transplant with in Sydney.

Hair Replacement Sydney

Hair replacement, transplant or surgery is a good option to consider for severe baldness. However, before one gets treatment, a surgeon makes a thorough diagnosis to determine the right treatment technique. Read more about Hair loss management

Hair transplant Sydney has the state-of-the-art treatment available that delivers completely natural results. The type of therapy option offered varies from one person to another based on their needs. Hair transplant involves taking off of some scalp parts and transferring them to bald prone areas.

The hair grows naturally on the bald resistant parts that are transplanted. Relocating a few hairs per session can make hair look natural.

hair transplant sydney

Hair treatments types:

In hair treatment, three types of hair transplant techniques are used. Proper care must be taken to avoid injuring the scalp and hair follicles are it can cause permanent damage. Modern hair transplant techniques have been introduced to make hair restoration possible to most affected individuals. Some of the common types of hair transplant methods include:

Follicular Unit Hair Transplant

This is the most popular and successful hair treatment technique used in hair transplant. It is a preferred treatment method because it makes hair look and function naturally. The procedure involves the use of a high-resolution stereo microscope. The technique helps to reduce the risk of hair damage. It helps eliminate the common mistakes that can be made. FUT begins by removal of long hair strips from the back and sides of the scalp. Long and narrow donor harvest areas are preferred so as to create the least tension while leaving the thinnest donor line. The procedure can take many hours depending on the number of follicular unit grafts.

Advantages of FUT

• Makes hair look natural

• It guarantees a full restoration of hair. The results are perfectly finished hair that is undetectable. The hairline is skillfully placed to deliver full density.

• Superior hair yield

• More consistent hair growth.

Follicular Unit Extraction

This is similar to Follicular Unit Transplant but does not need the removal of the entire strip of hair follicles. Hair follicles are extracted from the back and sides of the head then grafted to the areas affected by baldness. FUE is the most recent treatment method that makes hair grow naturally. It imitates how human hair grows. During the procedure, specialized FUE harvesting instruments are used to remove the grafts which are further prepared for the transplant.

Benefits of FUE

• It leaves no scars in the donor areas

• There is least to no risk of damage to the donor strip areas.

• Less bleeding, no deep cuttings, and no balding strip imply natural and faster healing.

• It is the most flexible treatment method as the patient chooses the best hair style they want


Scalp reduction

Though it is the earliest hair treatment method, it still guarantees the most successful results. Scalp reduction, scalp from a balding area, is removed. It could be the top of the head or any other part that bears the best quality hair.

The part with the best hair is then stretched to cover the removed patch. Scalp reduction does well especially for people with good donor hair at the back of the scalp. Nowadays, scalp reduction is used along with FUE and FUT treatment techniques.

A surgeon must first determine whether one is suitable for scalp reduction. Some of these factors to consider include;

• Tightness or the laxity of the scalp. Those with little laxity may not be suitable candidates for scalp reduction

• the patient’s objectives determine the type of treatment to be offered

• The physical condition of the patient. One should be healthy and have no medical conditions that would impact on the treatment technique

• The degree of hair loss and the hair restoration needed. Those with a good supply of donor areas and have large bald areas can make the best candidates for scalp reduction.

Any hair treatment requires the services of an experienced surgeon who is capable of determining the best treatment option. The above are the practical techniques used for hair replacement Sydney. Fighting hair loss is a great battle, and the choice of an appropriate treatment method is paramount.

You can have an idea about the cost involved in hair treatments sydney here. There are other non-surgical methods available to treat hair loss.